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About Sheldon Pike, MD,
in NYC

The Himplant® Edge

At Sheldon Pike, M.D., we recognize the profound impact of sexual health and day-to-day confidence on your life and firmly believe in your right to both. Choosing us for your Penuma treatment means embarking on a journey with clear vision and assurance. We are committed to supporting you at every stage, ready to address your queries and provide a high-caliber care experience. Our specialists will carefully evaluate your concerns, goals, and medical requirements, guiding you meticulously through the planning and execution of your surgery for precise, highly personalized results.

Our mission is to empower you with the enduring confidence you seek and deserve. From the initial consultation through the treatment process and beyond, our team is dedicated to helping you embrace every opportunity with vitality and vigor.

Welcome to a world of expert care at Male Augmentation of New York, where living boldly equates to living confidently. Specializing in male enhancement, we blend innovative techniques with deep empathy and exceptional skill to offer discreet, life-enhancing treatments. Himplant, the only FDA-cleared male enlargement implant, is at the forefront of our services, reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction and safety.

Dr. Sheldon Pike - Male Enhancement Provider

Himplant Procedure Overview

Himplant stands out by enhancing penile girth by one to two inches and, in some cases, increasing flaccid length. It does this while preserving the penis's function and overall health, embodying the essence of confidence without compromise. The approach to male enhancement is both innovative and straightforward, offering clear benefits without unwanted consequences. 

The Himplant procedure is efficient, taking about an hour, with no need for an overnight hospital stay and a brief recovery period. Performed through a discreet scrotal incision, the procedure leaves no visible scars or marks on the penis. Offering minimal risks and high satisfaction rates among patients, Himplant is a leading choice for those seeking male enhancement.