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Himplant® Implant
in New York, NY

Unlock Confidence

New York City Himplant at Sheldon Pike, M.D.

Since its development in 2004, the Himplant® has helped thousands of men achieve a significant increase in penile girth and flaccid length that can look and feel natural. Unlike other more temporary solutions, Himplant provides enhancement that can lay the foundation for improved confidence and sexual enjoyment. At the practice of Sheldon Pike, M.D., patients from New York and beyond benefit from our board-certified surgeons’ decades of experience and expertise. Take the first step toward a more fulfilling phase of life by scheduling your Himplant consultation today.

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The First FDA-Cleared Implant for Cosmetic Enhancement

What is the Himplant?

The Himplant is a soft medical-grade silicone sleeve that is inserted beneath the skin, where it wraps around the top and sides of the shaft. It provides natural-looking enhancement, often improving girth by one to two inches. Many NYC Himplant patients also have a noticeable improvement in flaccid length. Please note that erect length increases, if any, are unpredictable and may take over a year to materialize fully. The procedure is performed by a select group of surgeons who have extensive training and experience with Himplant.

Natural Looking & Removable

What are the benefits of a Himplant?

The Himplant comes with many advantages over other methods of penis augmentation:

  • Significant increase in penis girth (typically one to two inches)
  • Potential increase in penis length
  • Minimal and concealed scarring
  • Did not interfere with penile function in an extensive study of 400 patients
  • Can be removed if desired
  • Brief outpatient procedure (typically 45 to 60 minutes)
  • High rate of self-reported patient satisfaction
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Trusted Expertise

Your Himplant Consultation

At the office of Sheldon Pike, M.D., our urologists have decades of experience in performing Himplant male enhancement procedures, making them widely sought after for their skill and expertise. Choosing to have male enhancement is an important decision that comes with many considerations. We invite patients to begin by scheduling a personal consultation to discuss their options and receive detailed information to make a well-informed decision. 

How Himplant Works

Your Himplant Procedure

At our practice in New York City Himplant is placed subcutaneously, meaning under the skin. This outpatient procedure typically takes about an hour and allows a relatively quick return to light activity levels within two to three days. The incision is small and can be concealed in the upper part of the scrotum. Your surgeon uses this incision to insert the implant and position it, wrapping it around 270 degrees of the shaft. This positioning ensures that the urethra is not affected by the implant. The flexible device is fixed behind the head of the penis with small stitches so that it can move during an erection.. When the incisions are closed, a small drain is inserted to help with healing, which is typically removed after three days. 

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Your Full Growth Potential

Himplant Recovery and Aftercare

After two to three days of downtime following the Himplant New York City patients will typically be able to return to light activity levels. However, it is vital to avoid vigorous exercise and all forms of sexual activity for a period of six to eight weeks to ensure proper healing. These guidelines and other aftercare instructions will be outlined carefully with you, and your healing will be checked at post-operative visits. You should never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns during this important healing phase.

Built to Last

Himplant Results

Unlike implants that contain a liquid or gel core, Himplant does not pose a similar risk of rupture, greatly reducing the risk of adverse side effects and ensuring lasting enhancement with no detectable signs that surgery has been performed. On the other hand, the Himplant device can be removed at any time should you desire to return to your pre-procedure size. In an extensive study of 400 patients over 5 years, Himplant did not interfere with penile function, meaning erections and ejaculation are unaffected. Patients and their partners express a high satisfaction rate with the enhancement Himplant provides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as one of a select group of surgeons currently performing the Himplant procedure, we frequently provide care to patients who travel to our practice from out of town. We provide options like virtual consultations, flexible scheduling, and recommendations for local accommodations and services to make your experience smooth and seamless. 

The material the implant is made from is soft and pliable, mimicking the natural feel of the penile shaft. Additionally, your body will usually respond to the implant by forming a capsule around it, which has the benefit of helping the implant feel even more natural and potentially further enhancing your final girth size.

Six to eight weeks is the typical amount of healing time required before patients can resume any form of sexual activity. We will monitor your recovery and clear you for resuming sexual activity once the area is fully healed. You will also need to avoid exercise during this time to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of complications.

Yes, Himplant comes in various sizes, including Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large, so that your results are customized by the surgeon to your individual anatomy and goals.