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Male Enhancement
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New York City Male Enhancement at Sheldon Pike, MD

Live life to the fullest with today’s most innovative male enhancement techniques. Our New York City urologist practice specializes in performing the Himplant® implant procedure, a penile enhancement method with a proven track record of patient satisfaction. Our highly qualified providers are here to educate you about your options for achieving your male enhancement goals and provide trusted care that enhances your quality of life

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What is Male Enhancement?

At our practice in NYC male enhancement is a popular area of elective care aimed at helping men achieve better sexual confidence and performance. The market is filled with products, procedures, and medications aimed at increasing penis size, improving erections, or enhancing the libido, some more effective than others. For men specifically seeking a larger penis size, surgical implants are the most enduring and effective method of enhancement. Since 2004, the Himplant has been a top choice for patients and surgeons alike due to its natural feel and simple insertion method.

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What are the benefits of Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement with the Himplant provides a one-to-two-inch increase in girth size, which can lead to greater sexual satisfaction and contribute to more enjoyable intimacy. Improvements in length are also very common. The procedure can lead to improved self-image for men whose penis size is a source of dissatisfaction. The ideal candidate is seeking the procedure based on their own personal goals and will have realistic expectations for the outcome. 

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World-Class Care in New York City

Your Male Enhancement Consultation

We understand that when discussing male enhancement New York City patients can feel it is a sensitive topic. With decades of experience and an attentive focus on providing care that inspires confidence, we are on hand to guide you through the benefits of the Himplant in a professional, open, and honest manner. Trust is essential to selecting the right surgeon. At our practice, you can rest assured that your care is in the hands of a highly skilled team that prioritizes exceptional care that yields life-changing results

No Visible Scarring

Your Male Enhancement Procedure

The Himplant male enhancement procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing you to return home to rest and recover the same day. Patients are often concerned about the implant process creating a visible scar; however, the incision is very small and placed at the top part of the scrotum, where it is well concealed by the skin texture, blending in to become virtually invisible once the area has healed.

The Himplant is a sleeve made of flexible silicone that is introduced via this small incision and fitted around the shaft of the penis. The implant is secured to the head of the penis, letting it stretch and flex naturally in both flaccid and erect states.

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Male Enhancement Recovery and Aftercare

Although patients will probably only require a few days of downtime following the procedure for male enhancement NYC patients will need to take certain precautions for the first six to eight weeks, including refraining from strenuous exercise and all forms of sexual activity. We will discuss aftercare requirements and timelines from the earliest stages of planning to ensure patients are well-prepared for a smooth recovery experience. Healing will be checked at post-procedure visits, and our team will always remain available to address any questions and concerns that might arise between appointments.

A New Standard of Excellence

Male Enhancement Results

Research has found an 85-percent satisfaction rate among men who have had Himplant surgery. Patients also report a high level of satisfaction with the natural look and feel of their results. These results are linked to increased self-confidence and better enjoyment of sex. The implant provides enhancement that will continue to become more refined as the Himplant device settles into the implant location. At the same time, the implant can be removed at any time, providing flexibility should the patient wish to reverse the surgical outcome.

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Male Enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions

Pursuing male enhancement is a personal choice that should not be influenced by anyone else. The ideal candidate is a non-smoker in good physical health who has realistic expectations for the results. During the consultation process, your surgeon will carefully assess your medical history, goals, and expectations to ensure that Himplant is a good fit. 

The natural look, feel, and pliability of the Himplant creates outstanding results that are typically undetectable.