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Penile Enhancement
in New York, NY

The Size of Confidence

New York City Penile Enhancement at Sheldon Pike, M.D.

Confidence can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. Feel your best in all areas of your life with Himplant®, a revolutionary penile implant that is FDA-cleared to help men achieve better girth and length without impacting sexual function. The soft silicone implant is placed via a tiny incision and offers a natural looking result. At the practice of Sheldon Pike, M.D., our respected NYC urologists lend decades of experience and expertise to your journey toward more satisfying intimacy with penile enhancement.  

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A Groundbreaking Implant

What is Penile Enhancement?

Many have tried, but none have succeeded in helping men achieve a true increase in size like the makers of Himplant for penile enhancement. Years of research and development went into creating the Himplant, which debuted in 2004 and has since helped thousands of men achieve a larger penis size. The sleeve-shaped implant is placed subcutaneously, where it wraps around the shaft, providing a noticeable increase in girth. Many men also enjoy improved length, contributing to better self-confidence in the bedroom and beyond. 

A Bigger, Better Future

What are the benefits of Penile Enhancement?

The Himplant has a very high satisfaction rate, with one study finding that 85 percent of Himplant patients would choose to have the procedure again. The implant’s flexible silicone design helps create a natural look and feel, so no one has to know you’ve had surgery. As the implant settles into the surrounding tissues, capsule formation around the device can augment the size increase provided by the implant while helping it feel even more natural. The implant provides the desired results and can also be removed as desired. 

New York City penile enhancement model smiling

Trusted Experience

Your Penile Enhancement Consultation

At the office of Sheldon Pike, M.D., our urologists have decades of experience in performing penile enhancement procedures, making them widely sought after for their skill and expertise. Choosing to have penile enhancement is an important decision that comes with many considerations. We invite patients to begin by scheduling a personal consultation to discuss their options and receive detailed information to make a well-informed decision. 

Looks & Feels Just Like You

Your Penile Enhancement Procedure

The Himplant is introduced through a tiny incision that the surgeon makes at the top of the scrotum. This incision heals very well and easily blends in with the texture of the scrotal skin. The implant wraps around 270 degrees of the penile shaft in order to leave the urethra undisturbed and maintain full function. It is secured to the head of the penis in order to help it stretch and flex in the flaccid and erect states. 

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You, Fully Realized

Penile Enhancement Recovery and Aftercare

Our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and support you throughout the recovery process to ensure a comfortable and successful experience. After a couple of days of downtime following the penile enhancement New York City patients will be able to return to a light routine. It is very important that you follow your aftercare guidelines carefully and not engage in strenuous exercise or any sexual activity until you are cleared to do so, usually after a period of six to eight weeks. You will see noticeable improvements in size right away, and your results will become more refined as the implant settles in and post-procedure swelling diminishes. 

Enjoy Life the Fullest

Penile Enhancement Results

Most men will experience a one-to-two-inch increase in girth accompanied by some increase in length. The implant does not interfere with erection or ejaculatory ability, meaning you can enjoy better sexual intimacy without concerns about function. The implant material mimics the feel of the natural tissues so that you can enjoy full confidence in your investment in your penile enhancement.

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Penile Enhancement

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, the Himplant line includes size L, XL, and XXL implants for better personalization. We will help you select the right size, taking your anatomy into consideration as well as your goals for your results. 

The cost for the Himplant procedure at Sheldon Pike, MD, is $18,000. We offer financing options through Fiona. 

The recovery period has certain milestones, with a gradual return to more strenuous activities. After a couple of days of downtime, patients can resume light activities. For a period of six to eight weeks, more strenuous exercise and all sexual activity must be paused to allow the treatment area to heal. We will check your progress at post-operative visits in order to clear you for a return to all regular activities.