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The cost of the Himplant® procedure with Dr. Sheldon Pike is $18,000. As an elective cosmetic surgery, the Himplant procedure is not eligible for insurance coverage. Financing options are available with Fiona.

Historically, Himplant® has contributed to an average enhancement of 1″ to 2″ in penile girth. Reports also indicate gains in flaccid penile length. Increases in erect length, however, vary and are largely dependent on each patient's unique anatomy. It's important to note that individual results may differ.

Himplant® is made from soft, medical-grade silicone, chosen for its similarity to the natural feel of the penis. Unlike some enlargement options that use liquids or gels, this solid silicone implant doesn't dissolve over time.

It's made in a facility that follows strict U.S. quality standards. The design of the implant is unique: it wraps partially around the penis, avoiding pressure on the urethra, which is important for normal urinary and sexual functions.

The implant also has a tapered design near the top, making it look more natural. This design helps distinguish between the penis head and the shaft. Additionally, it has a special ridge that helps maintain the ability to achieve an erection normally.

The Himplant is specifically crafted to feel natural in both flaccid and erect states, using soft medical-grade silicone to mimic the natural texture of the penis. Over time, a capsule forms around the implant, further enhancing its natural feel when touched. This process typically takes between 6 to 12 months. While partner satisfaction rates are generally high according to past studies, it's important to remember that the implant is a foreign object and might be noticeable to some extent.

Himplant comes in various sizes, including Large (L), Extra Large (XL), and Extra Extra Large (XXL). The right size for you will be determined by your physician based on your unique anatomy. This decision is crucial for ensuring both your satisfaction and safety. Your surgeon will consider several factors, such as the flexibility and amount of your skin, as well as the initial size of both the external and internal parts of the shaft, to select the safest and most appropriate size for you. Patient safety is always our top concern.

A clinical review involving 400 patients over a five-year period indicated that the Himplant does not alter penile function, including the ability to achieve or maintain an erection or the ejaculation process during sexual activity. However, changes in penile sensation can occur. Some patients have experienced either heightened or reduced sensitivity. Usually, these changes in sensation are temporary and tend to normalize as the skin adjusts to the implant. It's important to note that individual experiences may differ.

To be considered for the Himplant, patients must meet certain criteria. Firstly, age requirements vary by location, typically being either 21 or 25 years. Additionally, patients need to be circumcised prior to receiving the implant.

Those who have previously undergone other penile enhancement methods are generally not eligible, as their penile skin may have been compromised by foreign materials. This is due to the lasting impact these materials can have on penile tissue, even years after the procedure. Further, the implant cannot be inserted after the removal of a foreign body, as it may not position correctly, and the skin might not heal properly, increasing the risk of complications and infection.

Good general health is essential, particularly for undergoing anesthesia. Patients must also abstain from tobacco and illicit drugs for at least 30 days before the procedure and continue this abstinence for a minimum of three months afterward.

Having realistic expectations about the results of Himplant is crucial. While it can boost confidence, it's not a remedy for other issues. Adherence to all pre and post-operative instructions is mandatory. To determine your candidacy for Himplant, begin with an eligibility questionnaire, followed by an initial evaluation consultation with one of our surgeons.